Mareike Beyer is an artist with a passion for a sound that touches the soul. Her music incorporates a unique mix of styles, while remaining true to the spirit of the Celtic harp.

She is a self-taught harpist, who spent several years as a street musician, exploring her own style of Celtic music. Having spent 10 years in the Scottish Highlands and being a regular visitor to the Edinburgh International Harp Festival, she also plays a selection of original pieces and arrangements by harpists from all around the world.

Mareike gives concerts in the UK and Germany. She also performs in restaurants, bars, cafes and at weddings. Her music never fails to touch and inspire.

“ My music is an expression of the profound joy I feel when I play a piece, be it sad or exuberant. The harp is such a delicate & beautiful, but yet powerful instrument. I like to show its magic and its versatility. I do think that the harp plays me, rather than the other way round. “